Using Array type with QuickSheet

You can use array type with comma sperated values in a cell as the following:

Note that don't miss the last comma which should be after a last value in a cell. (Changed on v.

 1,2,3,4,5, -> The comma right after '5' is not needed anymore after v.

After importing with the given excel file, specify type of each column-header and check array option for an array type.

It will generate array type memeber field of a data class with the specified type as the following code:

    int[] intarray = new int[0];

    public int[] Intarray { get {return intarray; } set { intarray = value;} }

    string[] stringarray = new string[0];

    public string[] Stringarray { get {return stringarray; } set { stringarray = value;} }

NOTE: enum type array is only supported for google spreadsheet not for excel yet.

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