Tips and Known Issues


Keep as small number of sheet in one excel file. Let's consider a case that an excel file which contains over twenty sheet in one excel file and you've generated all ScriptableObject asset files for each sheet. And you've created a new sheet in the same excel file then try to generate necessary script files. What happens? Even you've created only one sheet and want to only import data into the new one but Quicksheet try to reimport all data from all sheets because querying data from excel into newly created ScriptableObject done by Unity's reimport. So keep in mind that working with an excel file which has too much sheets can be slow.

Setting up OAuth2 for accessing Google Drive

Google has changed the authentication scheme since May 5, 2015. Now it requires OAuth2. To set this up visit Google Developer Console, create a new project, enable the Drive API, create a new client ID of type "service account" and download json file. See the OAuth2 Google Service Account section on the Google Spreadsheet Howto page for more details.

See the page for setting up credentials and getting OAuth2 'client_ID' and 'client_secret'.

Add QuickSheet via subtree

You can add QuickSheet via subtree to your github project like the following:

git subtree add --prefix=Assets/QuickSheet QuickSheet

It creates QuickSheet folder under Assets unity project folder then put all the neccessary files under the QuickSheet folder.

Any changes for the remote repository easily can pull with git subtree pull as the following:

git subtree pull --prefix=Assets/QuickSheet QuickSheet

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