Setting up OAuth2 for accessing Google Drive

OAuth2 setting on Google APIs

To access google drive, especially google spreadsheet for Unity-Quicksheet, it requires OAuth2 authentication. To set this up visit Google APIs page and create a new project.

The next describes the way of getting 'client_ID' and 'client_secret' tokens which are necessary for oauth2 credentials step by step.

Select 1) Credentials on the left panel and Credential tab on the top menu then click 2) Create credentials button which open a dialogue shows credential types you can create.

Note that you should select 3) OAuth client ID otherwise you may have wrong format of json file.

Select 1) othter for Application type and 2) insert a proper name into the Name field, then press 3) 'Create' button will create a credential.

Now you can see 'client_ID' and 'client_secret' for newly created credential.

At this moment you can directly copy and paste those 'client_ID' and 'client_secret' into Unity-Quicksheet's google setting or download oauth2 json file which contains 'client_ID' and 'client_secret' are necessary on Unity-Quicksheet setting.

Finally, click 1) the download icon for downloading json file which contains 'client_ID' and 'client_secret'.

OAuth2 setting on Unity-Quicksheet

Things for authentication on Google side are done and it is time to setting up remains for accessing google's spreadsheet on Unity side.

See the OAuth2 Google Service Account section on the Google Spreadsheet Howto page for more details.

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